Thursday, December 15, 2016

Baby Hank

Hello blog world. I am Hank.

I was born July 10 at 19 inches and 6 lbs 6 oz. I was very small when I was born but don't worry, I have been getting chubbier and chubbier ever since then. I have always been a snacker and a cat-napper. I love short naps and frequent meals. I spit up a LOT. Lately though, it is becoming less and less. I have my mom's eyes and my dad's head and face. I first smiled in response to my mom at about 3 weeks, when she was taking my picture. Before that, they were just gas smiles. My aunt Ellen was the first one to make me laugh, she was holding me while she started doing squats and I loved it! (That was when were visiting Great-grandma Helen on our way home from the airport when we picked Ben up from his mission). I didn't get to meet my Uncle Ben until October 5 because he was on a mission in Brazil when I was born.

My mom had to take a final test three weeks after I was born, crazy lady. Thank goodness for her two study buddies and for grandma!!!

I was blessed on October 9, 2016. My great-grandma and great-grandpa Whitesides were there. So were my grandma and grandpa Seamons, Nate, Courtney and all their kids, grandma and grandpa Christensen, Ellen, Brody, and Ben (we waited until Ben got home!). I wore the blessing outfit that my dad was blessed in and used a blue quilt that my Great-great grandma (Wendy's grandma) had made. I looked so handsome.

I love to play with my dad. Every day when he gets home from work, the first thing he does is come and play with me. We play peek-a-boo, bounce up and down, make animal noises, tickle fights - anything that will make me laugh or smile. I used to smile every time people would howl like a wolf, and when that got old I loved monkey noises. That got old fast, too, but my mom and dad still tell everyone to make animal noises at me. My dad is my nap patrol. When I won't sleep in the daytime or my mom can't make me go to sleep, dad comes in and he can always get me to sleep.

When I was 6 weeks old my mom had to go back to school (she was right in the middle of getting her master's degree and decided to stick it out and finish). Grandma Christensen came down and stayed with us for part of each week, and then I went to babysitters the other two days. They both have 2 year olds, and I love to watch them run around and play with them. They both call me "Baby Hant."

At 4 months I rolled over from my stomach to my back, but have only done it a few times since then. One day mom and I played "puppy." She would say "roll over" and shake a noisy toy above my head. If I tried to watch and follow it, I would roll over! I love to squeal and coo, I have a pretty cute voice. I put anything and everything in my mouth. I have to lick the entire surface area of each new object I grab. I love to have my face buried - into your chest if you have me in the carrier, into the ground when I'm on my belly - and I fall asleep best with a burp rag covering my face. It's a wonder I haven't suffocated yet. I love having my diaper changed, and I'm always happy when my pants are off. I love to grab my feet the instant my diaper comes off - in yoga it's called the happy baby pose - and that sure is true for me. I love being sung to. My favorite song right now is "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider". I smile every time someone sings it to me.

When I was a new-newborn I hated being swaddled. I would grunt and push and try to get out of it. Sometimes I liked it though, and it always made me sleep longer. I still like being swaddled sometimes I still take short naps. I LOVE my swing that we got from Aunt Shawna, it always makes me fall asleep. I love being outside. We used to call it outside magic. 9 times out of 10, if I'm screaming my head off, you just have to take me outside and I will calm down. It's some pretty good magic. I've had two colds so far and the last one turned into croup! It was kind of scary and I didn't get much sleep (neither did mom and dad). But I got better (but only after I got grandma super super sick).

My favorite toys are burp rags, rattles, and anything else I can chew on. I have the chubbiest arms and legs you've ever seen, they look like tootsie rolls. It is so cute, my mom can't even handle it.

My parents love me so much and are so glad I could make them a mom and dad. It's been a pretty great adventure so far!

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  1. I absolutely love this!!! So cute the way you wrote it from baby Hank's perspective. What a cutie!